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Cyber IN Practice

The aspects of cyber threats and risk management are important for everyone in the modern society.

Cyber IN Practice project aims at a digital transformation through the development of Cybersecurity capacity of Non-IT oriented HE students. More specific, it focuses on presenting this knowledge to students in non-IT specialties.

The project team applies innovative approaches to implement cybersecurity curriculum in non-IT disciplines. Divided into small pieces of information (so called nuggets), the content of cybersecurity is integrated into non-IT disciplines, revealing its applied value on the specific scientific subjects studied.

Aims of
Cyber IN Practice


Reduce regional disparities about cybersecurity skills and competencies in partner countries.


Support the identification of cyber threats and security gaps in HE.


Help the main target groups to become aware of cyber risks by putting the requirements of cyber security in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the EU.


Promote transitions in putting cybersecurity by providing innovative learning nuggets and disseminating the main deliverables of the project.


Strengthen networking to solve common problems about putting cybersecurity in partner countries by generating and sharing knowledge among partners.


Pilot and test learning nuggets integration in non IT oriented courses in HEIs.


Provide the development of a realistic expectation by getting to know the cyber risks and prevention from cyber risks to the partners and their local and regional networks.


Be a facilitator instrument in the creation of synergies that allows carrying out the common goals and objectives that will be potentially greater than those which can be reached by partners who work alone.

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